Doc'd out?

Please. No such thing. But my goodness, it's been a busy couple of months. First, there was Hot Docs, which was the blast it always is (minus the midnight coffee runs). Next up was getting our excellent May/June issue of the mag out the door. And more recently, I flew to LA for Realscreen West and pivoted back east for a 24-hour mission to the UK for Sheffield Doc/Fest. That's LA to Montreal to Frankfurt to Manchester, and then a train to Sheffield, in case you're wondering. 

I've seen some wonderful films and series since my last post. Too many to name. But everything you're reading about Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg's Weiner is accurate, and I'm spellbound (and distressed, though that's the intended response I imagine) by Eva Orner's Chasing Asylum. Right now, I'm well into the BBC's The Hunt, which premiered in the UK back in November and airs in North America in July. Getting through that series feels all the more significant after having seen the great Sir David Attenborough - part-time presenter, full-time national treasure - reflect on his career at Doc/Fest. You could say he was kind of ubiquitous... 

Sheffield is not messing around. #Attenborough

Sheffield is not messing around. #Attenborough

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From the archives...
A few days back, I dug up one of my old National Post stories on Hot Docs and Blue Ice Group's joint acquisition of Toronto rep theatre the Bloor Cinema back in 2011. I had the pleasure of interviewing former owner Carm Bordonaro for the piece, and I was struck by how passionately he spoke of his rep house. Since that interview, I've held a torch for these dusty, quirky second-run theatres (even wrote a thesis about them!), which are a dying breed in this city and elsewhere in North America. Sure hope Carm got to make his B-movie. 

My dad and mum love this place, it’s like their grandchild. It’s like my child. It’s sad that way, but it’s like having a family member that needs a new dress and you can’t afford to buy her one, and then someone comes along that’s going to look after it… And we say, ‘Hey, good, thanks for looking after her.’ That’s how we feel.
— Carm Bordonaro, former Bloor Cinema owner